Electronic Assembly Companies

The following Alberta companies offer services of interest for the electronics community. To list your company, send an email to sales@kornak.ca.

Contract Manufacturing | Cable Assembly | Metal Fabrication | PCBs - Printed Circuit Boards


Contract Manufacturing

August Electronics

3805 – 34th Street NE,
Calgary, Alberta
T1Y 6Z8

tel: 403-273-3131
fax: 403-272-7343
email: inquiries@aeicm.com



Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc.

Unit 117, 2765 - 48th Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta T3J 5M9

tel: 403-516-1888
fax: 403-532-0412
email: dsmsales@dynamicsourcemfg.com



Innovative Manufacturing Source Inc.

Bay #3 - 3855 64 Ave SE,
Calgary, Alberta T2C 2V5

tel: 403-279-7702
fax: 403-279-7738
email: info@imsmfg.ca



Kornak Technologies Inc. (KTI)

KTI provides manufacturing management services for products built in Canada, India, and South Korea (depending on cost and delivery requirements). We manage the ordering and manufacturing of parts, metalwork, PCBs, and PCA assemblies, and provide final assembly and test services in Calgary to deliver high-quality finished products.

#612-500 Country Hills Blvd NE,
Suite 163,
Calgary, Alberta T3K 5K3

tel: 403-567-9328
fax: 403-567-9329
email: sales@kornak.ca
    contact Scot Kornak, President  


Trilogy-Net Inc.

#3127 - 3961-52 Ave NE
Calgary Alberta
Canada, T3J 0K7

tel: 403-219-8868
fax: 403-219-8860
email: info@trilogy-net.com



V I S Manufacturing Inc.

VIS specializes in small and medium size manufacturing runs as well as quick-turn prototypes. 

Bay 8, 6325 - 12 Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2H 2K1

Dario Jarc, dario@vismfg.ca
Tel: 403-200-0457

Steve Poyhia, steve@vismfg.ca
Tel: 403-370-0590



WestWork Technology

WestWork Technology specializes in high-density/very fine pitch assemblies for quick-turn prototypes and small manufacturing runs. 

312-5th Ave, Bay 14, Suite 354,
Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1A8

Tom Groenland, tom@westworktechnology.com
Tel: 403-910-0422



Cable Assembly

ACC Manufacturing (Alberta Computer Cable Inc.)

1816 - 25 Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7K1

tel: 403-291-5560 or 1-800-661-8564
fax: 403-291-1112



Innovative Manufacturing Source Inc.

Bay #3 - 3855 64 Ave SE,
Calgary, Alberta T2C 2V5

tel: 403-279-7702
fax: 403-279-7738
email: info@imsmfg.ca



Metal Fabrication

Allied Metal Ltd.

#11, 666 Goddard Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T2K 5X3

tel: 403-291-3511
fax: 403-291-3952



Skill Metal Fabricators

Box 58
518 - 1 Avenue
Bassano, AB T0J 0B0

tel: 403-279-8684 (from Calgary) or 403-641-3455
fax: 403-641-3466
email: info@skillmetal.com



PCBs - Printed Circuit Boards

AP Circuits

Unit 3, 1112-40th Ave NE
Calgary, AB T2E 5T8

tel: 403-250-3406
fax: 403-250-3465
email: staff@apcircuits.com



BusBoard Prototype Systems Ltd.

#612-500 Country Hills Blvd NE
Suite 140
Calgary, Alberta T3K 5K3

Tel: 403-567-3752
Fax: 403-567-9329
Email: sales@busboard.com