The Alberta Electronics Consultants Directory

This is a free directory of electronics consultants and embedded programmers serving the Alberta electronics community.

If you are a consultant in the electronics or embedded programming fields and are located in Alberta, please send an email to Scot Kornak at to get a free listing in this online directory. One of the goals of this directory is to help people in the electronics community get to know one other. Larger consulting companies may list the individuals working for them, but not just the company name alone.

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Electronics Consultants

Martin Alcock

Calgary, Alberta
Praebius Communications Inc.
tel: 403-670-9100    

Praebius Communications provides consulting services for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) signal processing and application development in VHDL and Verilog.  Praebius also provides Cloud Service devlopment including complex website design, cloud based applications, and website hosting.


Andrew Gibson

Calgary, Alberta
Andrew Gibson Design
tel: 403-730-1948    email:

Hardware Design - Andrew Gibson Design provides RF and analog design services as well as microcontroller development.


Scot Kornak

Calgary, Alberta
Kornak Technologies Inc.
tel: 403-567-9328    email:

Electronics Design & Manufacturing, Manufacturing Management, Systems Design, Embedded Programming

Kornak technologies is an original design manufacturer.  We design custom products for companies when an off-the-shelf device won't do. Many of our products are private labeled for sale by other companies. Our own products (available for customization) include data loggers, electronic timers, programmable relays, access control systems, and smart card systems. Products we manufacture for other companies include lubrication controllers, and remote access control systems.


Dale Tardiff

Calgary, Alberta
Innovative Power Solutions Inc.
tel: 403-650-4338    email:

Power electronics design

Innovative Power Solutions specializes in power electronics design - inverters, motor drives, power supplies, DC/DC converters, etc. Although our prime market is renewable energy and clean technology, applications can be developed for a variety of industries including railway, aerospace, oil & gas, and others.


Tim Weber

Calgary, Alberta
Cirtec Developments Inc.
tel: 403-251-9789    email:

Schematic Capture and PCB Layout

Cirtec Developments Inc. provides schematic capture and PCB layout services. All board layouts are hand-placed and hand-routed for the ultimate in performance and density.  Designs can be developed to pass emissions and susceptibility testing as well as CSA safety standards. Cirtec has 20+ years experience with over over 2000 designs competed.

Project capabilities include:

  • DC to beyond 4.5 GHz
  • High speed digital
  • Low noise Analog
  • RF and HF radio transmitter/receivers
  • High Voltage (<10KV) and low voltage AC/DC power supplies
  • Single sided, Double sided or Multi-layer
  • Surface mount/through hole/mixed technology
  • Blind and Buried vias
  • Layouts are available in Altium Designer or Protel-99


Embedded Programmers

Mike Burger

Calgary, Alberta
MCA Digital
tel: 403-202-1597    email:

Electronics Hardware and Firmware Design, Design for Test and Manufacturing, Technical Writing

MCA Digital provides a variety of services in digital and analog printed circuit board design and embedded development including schematic capture, PCB layout, design review consultations (design for manufacturing, design for test, EMC compliance, EMI emissions, ESD), and Technical Writing.  We also provide services in signal integrity simulations, FPGA/CPLD programming, firmware, prototyping, and testing. Our design experience covers a range of applications in the networking, consumer, custom motherboard, and seismic industries.


Sean Costall

Calgary, Alberta
Konsepsyon Embedded Design Inc.
tel: 403-616-0969    email:

Electronics Hardware, Firmware, Embedded Design, Systems Design; Project management, Process and Procedures Development, Engineering Management, Lean Engineering

Embedded hardware and firmware design for OEM customers. Background in control systems, industrial instrumentation and industrial safety products. Experienced in a wide variety of applications. Special expertise in gas detection and hazardous location design. Complete end-to-end product development services.


Other Consultants Serving the Electronics Industry

Other consultant types serving the electronics community. e.g. mechanical designers, regulatory consultants.

Mechanical Designers 

Gordon Latos

Calgary, Alberta
GDL Innovation Inc.
tel: 403-246-9665   email:

GDL Innovation provides engineering consulting services for mechanical design, advanced technology development, solid modelling, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and failure scenario reconstruction.


Regulatory Consultants

Tom Smith

Airdrie, Alberta
TJS Technical Services Inc.
tel: 403-612-6664    email:    twitter: @TJS_Technical

Regulatory Approvals (Product Safety, EMC, Radio) Product Integrity, Product Reliability and International Approvals, for a very wide range of products, including but not limited to Medical Device, ITE, Consumer Products and Energy Sectors

TJS Technical Services Inc. assists electronics manufacturers throughout the design cycle to understand the global regulatory requirements, and to obtain timely, cost-effective regulatory approvals to sell in global markets. TJS Technical Services Inc. has a team with an established track record of over a quarter century in providing high quality services both as internal and external service providers to various companies in the Medical Device, ITE, Consumer Products and Energy Sectors, and participates in a number of industry standards development committees covering these disciplines.